Eliminate Your Pet’s Fleas Using Dawn Dish Soap and Table Salt

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Fleas can be a pesky problem for pet owners, but you don’t necessarily need expensive treatments to get rid of them. Here’s a simple and cost-effective DIY flea treatment using Dawn dish soap and table salt:


  • Dawn dish soap (blue variety)
  • Table salt


1. Prepare a Bath: Fill a bathtub or basin with warm water. Make sure the water level is enough to comfortably submerge your pet.

2. Wet Your Pet: Place your pet in the water and thoroughly wet their fur. This helps create a barrier that prevents fleas from escaping to the head area.

3. Apply Dawn Dish Soap:

4. Let It Sit: Let the soap sit on your pet’s fur for a few minutes. This gives the soap time to work on the fleas.

5. Rinse Thoroughly: Thoroughly rinse your pet’s fur with clean water to remove the soap. Ensure that no soap residue remains on the skin.

6. Salt Application: After rinsing, towel-dry your pet as much as possible. Then, sprinkle a liberal amount of table salt onto your pet’s fur. Gently rub the salt into their fur. The salt acts as a desiccant and helps kill flea eggs.

7. Brushing and Drying: Using a flea comb or regular pet brush, comb through your pet’s fur to help remove dead fleas and eggs. Allow your pet to air dry.

8. Repeat If Necessary: Depending on the severity of the flea infestation, you may need to repeat the process after a few days to ensure all fleas and eggs are eliminated.

Credit: Home Remedies Easy